The Bundle Collection

The Bundle Collection is a line of metal-based pieces inspired by gauche New York hedonism, unapologetic self-indulgence, and boundary-pushing risqué themes. Designed to evoke a sense of indulgence, these pieces invite you to “bundle up” with its soft and playful textures that garnish and contrast the pieces’ metal foundation.

Standout items from the Bundle Collection include the Dose Table, a pill-shaped coffee table with a hidden fuzzy interior cavity for storing your vices; the Thong Chair, a handmade, bulbous steel piece with a distinctive and gaudy thong design; the Hairy Neo-Lounge Chair, a Space Age–inspired seat covered with a furry exterior; and the Hug Ashtray, a hand-poured ceramic piece with a unique electroplated finish inspired by New York’s untethered nightlife.

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